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Today, I am publishing a series of links to articles from around the web and also testing this post type for potential future blog content.

A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit

D. A. Carson has rightly said that the measure of any biblical-theological proposal is the way in which it deals with the question of the Bible’s unity and diversity. Regarding a biblical theology of the Spirit, one detects a measure of unity as well as diversity, continuity as well as discontinuity. On the one hand, the same Spirit is at work throughout the full orbit and canvass of Scripture. On the other hand, Pentecost marks a crucial watershed with the outpouring of the Spirit on all believers. 

Infographic: You Have More Time for Bible Reading than You Think

If someone observed an average day in your life, how would they see you spend your time? How much of your time is given to TV, Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, hobbies, and housework? How much time do you devote to Bible reading? 

In August 2018, we surveyed over 11,000 readers, asking questions about how much time they spend doing some of the things mentioned above. We then compared those responses with the average amount of time it takes to read various portions of Scripture.

Do Not Put Your Trust in Princes

In the Dutch Reformed tradition, every service of worship begins with the words, ‘Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.’ Would that not be a great way to begin every service of Christian worship? 

Burying Myths about Christianity

Here are a few, easily-debunked myths concerning Christianity that may invite themselves to this season’s holiday feasting.

I have found the links above valuable to read and consider, but listing does not necessarily imply endorsement.

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