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Today, I am publishing a series of links to articles from around the web and also testing this post type for potential future blog content.

Seven Lessons for Evangelical Scholars in the Secular Academy

I turn to a story of a scholar who’s academic career took a highly unusual path.  Rather than being an evangelical scholar who became liberal, he did the opposite. He abandoned his commitment to liberal thinking and actually became an evangelical. And when that happened, his eyes were opened up to a number of truths that he had never noticed before (or at least refused to notice).

That scholar was Thomas Oden. Oden received his Ph.D from Yale under Richard Niebuhr and was enamored with the theology of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Bultmann. He interacted with some of the greatest minds of his generation such as Gadamer, Pannenberg, and Karl Barth. He was a classic liberal scholar.

But, then Oden had a change of heart. He tells the story in his book, A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir (IVP, 2014). One day a Jewish friend looked him in the eye and reminded him of something very few would dare to say: that he would stand under divine judgment on the last day.

Always Be Closing

I illustrated last week, through a sermon by the Calvinistic preacher Charles Spurgeon, that there is no contradiction between the doctrine of election and urging people strongly, on the spot, to come to Christ.

#IsaiahChristmas 2018

And Advent itself has notoriously been targeted by publishers of devotionals and seasonal books for good reason. But as I’ve said over the years, I don’t read devotionals. I much prefer to find my way directly to the pages of Scripture myself, and whenever I can intentionally focus my attention on a section of Scripture for a seasonal purpose, I take advantage of the opportunity. And that’s why this Christmas, I plan to again invest in a slow read through the prophetic book of Isaiah.

How to Use the New Theology Guide

In Logos 8 we have a brand new research assistant called the Theology Guide

I have found the links above valuable to read and consider, but listing does not necessarily imply endorsement.

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