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Today, I am publishing a series of links to articles from around the web and also testing this post type for potential future blog content.

Most Protestant Churchgoers Still Abstain When It Comes to Alcohol

“Churchgoers’ perspectives on alcohol are not changing very fast,” said McConnell. “The majority believe that biblically they can drink, but they choose not to.”

As scientist claims first babies have been born using gene-editing technology CRISPR, the ethical implications are massive

This is where Christians need to understand the vast biblical worldview issues that are stake. We are talking about the very nature of humanity. For at least several decades now, going back to the genetic revolution that began especially in the 1950s and '60s, came to full bloom in the '70s and '80s and then into technology in more recent decades, there has been an understanding amongst thoughtful Christians that what we are talking about here is not just a medical treatment. It is not just a new medical or bio-medical technology. It is, in essence, a re-definition of what it means to be human.

[…] that headline in the article in The Atlantic was this, "A reckless and needless use of gene editing on human embryos." That makes a moral verdict, but notice what's absent in that moral verdict. Again the words, a reckless and needless use of gene editing on human embryos. What's the problem here? Well, just consider how the headline might have been different. What if The Atlantic headline had been, a justified and necessary use of gene editing on human embryos. The problem is that our modern, secular worldview lacks any intellectual ammunition to avoid that headline coming in some day ahead.

Missionaries You Should Know: Lottie Moon

Even before she left for China, she wrote, “Young brethren, can you, knowing the loud call for laborers in the foreign fields, settle down with your home pastorates? So many could be found to fill your places at home; so few volunteer for the foreign work. For women, too, foreign missions open a sphere of labor and furnish opportunities for good which angels might almost envy.”

An Uncompromising Faith

My charge to us all is Coram Deo (in the presence of God)—live your life according to his Word and Truth.

I have found the links above valuable to read and consider, but listing does not necessarily imply endorsement.

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