Tucked Inside, Flooding Out

Moody Bible Study.jpg

Recently, in a box that was long overdue to be unpacked, I found this pen tucked within a piece of packing paper—likely originating from a conference a few years ago.

But as I picked it up, it newly represented to me a kind, wise, prayerful, and supportive team of people who publish a line of women’s Bible studies and have welcomed a study on the book of Jude from me.

Here is the vision for Moody Publishers Women Bible Studies—a vision that helped to inspire me to submit my proposal for their consideration:

  • Women’s ministry leaders across the country have told us that they are seeking in-depth, no-fluff Bible studies, and we have listened. Our theologically rich studies are drenched in Scripture, often going verse-by-verse so women can dive deep.

  • Many studies tend to focus on the author or reader, but we intentionally focus our studies on God and the difference HE makes. “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” (Psalm 115:1)

  • Our prayer is that God will use these Bible studies for lasting transformation. We hope they start a ripple effect of women growing in their understanding of God’s Word, becoming more like Him, and inspiring others to do likewise. (Source)

I find the Lord tucking within me as I write this study a renewed joy in existing convictions:

  • The Word is eminently worthy of being studied.

  • The Word has already been studied down the ages by those advanced in their understandings, whose input I intently welcome.

  • The Word is necessary for my spirit to live each day and to prevent the world from slipping into me; the Word keeps me in the love of the Lord.

  • And finally, the Word is my authority as I learn and write. Accordingly, at a number of junctions, I have changed what I originally thought I might write, once the more research had been done.

With these beliefs, writing this study is a joy as timeless truths from Jude flood through the waves of my fingers over the keyboard. (Composing the manuscript with my MP pen might be a bit cumbersome by comparison, no matter how symbolic. Alas.)

Lord willing and if He tarries, more is obviously to come (including the book itself in January of 2020). And as you study the Scriptures now and in days to come, in the words of Jude (v. 2): “May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.”