David and Gertrude

I believe that Christian mission primarily consists of the proclamation of the gospel, the conversion of unbelievers and nonbelievers, and the gathering and discipling of converts in local churches—all of this worldwide but especially among unevangelized peoples and in unreached areas.
— David J. Hesselgrave

David J. Hesselgrave (1924-2018) was Professor of Mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois and cofounder (with Donald A. McGavran) of the Evangelical Missiological Society. An ordained minister and in the Evangelical Free Church of America, he served as a missionary in Japan for twelve years. Most recent among his published books is Paradigms in Conflict: 15 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today, Second Edition (Kregel, 2018); more of his publications can be found here.


Paradigms in Conflict, 2nd Edition (Kregel, 2018)

“The fog of pluralism and tolerance has settled over the Great Commission, forming new clouds of doubt over age-old questions. Does a loving God really send sincere people to hell? Isn’t there some good in all religions? Why must Jesus be the only way? 

Veteran missiologist David Hesselgrave tackles ten pressing issues that missionaries and students of missions face today. Using Scripture, social sciences, and history, he provides solid and satisfying answers to tough questions and concludes that the future of Christian missions depends more on the changes we do not make than on the changes we do make.”