Made for a Different Land—Release and Highlight Trailer

Today, I am sharing the newly released Made for a Different Land highlight trailer by Anchored Films in partnership with Hope Mommies.

Thinking and dreaming about my little babe
Left with so few memories made
Caught thinking, “After she comes home…”—but she never can

A balloon released across the skies
Watching, nearer than I think, my God all-wise
Having hope of my baby made safe by His sacrifice

A mother with no child to mother
An announcement with no introduction to follow
A nursery, but no baby to swaddle

Thinking about a different land
A place of perfection, worshiping the Lamb
I grieve, but for my baby I see the gracious plan

For a different land we were both made
“So long for now, precious babe!”
We’ll worship Him together when I too am heavenly awake

MFADL (2).jpg

The new release is available at Amazon here.

Having children miscarried, stillborn, and lost in infancy, the author and contributors have experienced the testing, consuming shock of grief. Together, they seek to become less private with their loss experiences in order to testify with emotionally rich and honest expressions as to how knowing Christ has breathed eternal hope into their hollowest days. In Scripture, they see a God who is both familiar with sorrow and powerfully able to form pain into his glorious purposes. Even amidst the intensity of loss, they greatly rejoice in the better, heavenly country for which their children were made.