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One of the first sentences out of our doctor's mouth when coming back into the hospital room to consult with us after we learned that our daughter no longer had a heartbeat was that we now had our own “angel” looking over us. We knew his comment was intended to give a measure of comfort, yet, we also knew it was not literally true.

The biblical facts of human sin help us understand why the cross is necessary—and further, they help us understand why the cross is the greatest act of love mankind could ever know. And this love gives endless comfort in the darkest of days. This post is primarily focused on the biblical concept of human sin. The next post is primarily focused on the salvation of Christ.

Have you tasted anything sweet in your soul after loss? Has there been anything since your baby went to heaven that has bolstered you beyond words? Maybe you have had a taste of heaven like never before because you now have a child there. Or maybe you have found a taste of fellowship like never before through connecting with other mothers who have stories of faith through loss. I hope that you have had the opportunity to taste something sweet.