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The Best Burial Day

To the mom who of a baby whose body you lovingly held, you fed, rocked, and kissed—and then lowered into the ground. To the mom of a baby whose body quickly slipped away, and with no pictures to save. To the mom of a baby whose body you cradled in your hands—so petite and you couldn’t keep. To the mom of a baby whose limp frame you cradled near—so few minutes of your life spent here.

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From the Beginning, Jesus’ Death Was No Surprise

Death laying over those we love is not a welcomed sight. I despised the way it looked on my daughter, the motionless, lifeless character it took within my body, and the limpness it caused in my arms that held her empty frame after being born sleeping.

With those memories, I also consider that before God began the act of creating the cosmos, the earth, and mankind, He knew that in doing so He would also be coming to die.

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