I remember the different concerns I had at 15 weeks—ones that I had to entrust to the Lord each day. I was already so attached to this baby person. Everything about pregnancy was so new. I don’t think I had ever trusted Him like that before—with something so dear to me and so seemingly fragile and so beyond my control.

Today, I am grateful to Him for such a smooth pregnancy—with no complications, with a healthy Baby/me [and honestly hardly any discomfort, save fatigue!]. His favor is overwhelming at times.

I am waiting for my life to alter yet again—to earn for itself a new fragile set of concerns beyond my control that are presently impossible to understand. And I am anticipatory to be living in a sublime day weeks from now, seeing my little girl and getting to know her.

With all of those events ahead, I must trust Him again and again. I know from His character that I can. And I really do—I trust Him 20 weeks ago, 20 weeks ahead, and, by His grace, always.

Lianna Davis