Nine months closer


Today, we are nine months closer to seeing our daughter Noelle Tru alive for the first time.

Today has been one of the especially difficult days; the waiting is difficult.

So, I thought I would make a list of what she has done for me:

  • Tru has given me fulfillment in a way I have never known before. Being a mom is great like nothing else is great. And I genuinely feel that if I personally “accomplished” nothing else in life, it would be more than enough. She made me a mom.

  • Tru has given me happiness. In addition to the Lord, first and foremost, and my husband Tyler, Tru is my sweet happiness.

  • Tru has given me, well, herself—a relationship. I have a best friend waiting for me in heaven. Best friends are pretty rare, and I have one in her. As a mom and as an intuitive person, I already know her too. Even more, we share the same passion of Christ. And though I can’t talk to her now, I will be able to have the catch-up talk of a “lifetime” with her in heaven. And, as a friend wrote to us, it will be a magnificent reunion. It will be a magnificent reunion.

  • Tru has given me a more thorough and dependent love for God. I have never before in my life felt this, that the weight of all my hopes are fully resting on Him. When left with a need in the innermost part of my soul this large, for it to be filled results in a new understanding of God. Never before have I felt so assured that He can bear the weight of all my hopes—more, that He already has.

  • Tru has given to me and given to me; she has given much for someone on this earth for such a short time. Thank you, Noelle Tru. You’re beautiful, and I can hardly wait to meet you in that place where you are so alive right now. That heavenly place. That better place. For you were made for a better land.

Jesus is ever-present with us. He gives us life when death seems like the most sure reality. He reminds us that the evils of this life have been overcome in Him. He gives us patience as we wait for Him to return and make all things right. He reminds us that He is more real than our most inevitable reality: death. Yes, He is more real because He is forever real. One day, death will pass away. Those who are saved by Him will pass through it and live forever. Though this world is dim, forever is that “place” for which I live each day by His grace. All thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for taking His redeemed through dismal death to glorious life where we will see in full and live in full as we are all together with Him. Yes, thank You, Lord.

Lianna Davis