Dear Readers:

A few years ago, my husband, Tyler, and I had a conversation about what our most worshipful times of the Lord had been. I found myself responding: “Writing papers for Bible and theology classes.”

I am utterly interested in learning about God. And all that I learn grows my love for Him. In short, I think, study, converse, and read about theology in order to know Him (Proverbs 2:1-5; Jeremiah 9:23-24; Ephesians 1:17; John 17:3; Hosea 6:3; Psalm 111:2). The more of Him I behold, the further I am changed to be the person, the worshiper, God created me to be.

Since growing my understanding in doctrine and theology affords this to me, as a writer I think no less of what might be a joy for others to read as well (1 John 1:4). So, whatever the style of writing, I desire to be true to Scripture—asking, “What truth is being highlighted through these words?”

Ultimately, as I study and learn of God, I write in response to Him—His great worthiness to be known and worshiped by the people of His creation. For “God is great, and greatly to be praised!” (Psalm 145:3a).

My warmest welcome to you. Perhaps some thoughts here can be useful to your spirit. Whether through writing you find here, or elsewhere, all His best to you in your studies of and reflection upon the Word.